America’s Fleecing Continues: The Price of First-Class Postage Stamps Increases Again

he price of gas this summer is rising and there is really no reason for it. It is not like the war is new, there has been no major catastrophes like Katrina1 (which was the excuse given for the price hike couple of years ago and last year). Any little thing nowadays is a good enough excuse for the oil companies to get our money at the gas pumps. It is horrendous practice that we as people shouldn’t allow for them to do. May 15th is the day indicated through mass emails not to go buy gas. This opinion piece is not about the gas prices though at least not entirely. It is definitely one thing for the oil companies to extract our money in time of war, environmental crisis and so so economy, but it is definitely disgusting for the government to allow it to happen. I understand the premise of free enterprise, but when the public is being scammed it is essential for the government to intervene. It is not right for the government to allow business and enterprises to abuse their power in this manner. I guess though that the government doesn’t do much about it until it is too late (Halliburton), because in essence and practice the government seems to be doing the exact same thing as the businesses and enterprises. It took me a while to realize that the government is really another business corporation. In the end the government wants to get our money and it doesn’t matter how, but it will get our money.
Tax season has finally ended last month and even though many of us are paying quarterly taxes, we are really not getting a break. The fleecing of America continues with the rise of gas, the unfair billing and taxing of electricity and water, not a great hike on salaries and now another First-Class stamp price hike. You might be wondering, well it is just two more cents, but you don’t realize that packages are now going to be more expensive (nationally and internationally). This affects individuals and businesses. Small businesses are going to feel this the most. Everything is going up. People will be fleecing each other in the business arena, taking away customers’ hard earned money. This means less money to charities and other good giving by people as well. Think of all the things that you do every day and week and how that is affected by gas prices and postage. Who can we complain to? It just seems that no one is looking out for us. The government in reality is not. We weren’t told beforehand that this would happened. There was no warning for people. We are left to figure it out. It put us in a position where we need to change everything around to accommodate this. It means driving to the post office to get additional postage, which means using gas that we didn’t have to use, which means having to get gas to compensate for that. It means extra dollars a year in monthly expenses. It means wasted time. It means more money spent on luxury items and necessities. One thing that makes me angrier is the fact that there is nothing that I personally can do about it.

Why is this happening? Why are we being fleeced like this? Is it this war? Is it gas prices? Post office having to spend more money on gas so raising the postage compensates for that? I don’t know the answer and I cannot find someone that can give me a concrete answer either. I am sick and tired of being scammed. Sick and tired of being fleeced by big companies and the government who should be looking out for our well being overall. I am not asking for a socialist government, but I am asking for a leveled field and a fair break. I don’t mind working; I love to work and having a free enterprise where people can elevate themselves through work and good management to higher positions in life, but businesses shouldn’t be allowed to take advantage of people and certainly not the government. We should be responsible in all aspects of our lives. I take this postage price hike personally, because it tells me that I am powerless to choose how my money is being spent. I feel powerless and used. I feel outraged and I think that this country needs more outraged people. We need to stop being so complacent and start being more outraged at the injustices of this world. What is going on? Why can’t we just say enough is enough and demand for the businesses and the government to take care of us for a change? We don’t deserve respect that we cannot be told when things that affects us are going to happen? What is going on with this country?

I just hope that the new wave of people coming in bring in new and practical changes, because I tell you I am sick and tired of this routine. It is not good for any of us. The fleecing of America in my opinion starts and end with us. We are the only ones that can make a serious difference. We are the ones that keep businesses in business and the government running. We need to stop being complacent and accepting the status quo. If we see a pattern we must do what is necessary to change it for the improvement of our society, not just wait until it gets to the boiling point and then do something radical about it that might not lead into good measured improvements. Let’s not go from one extreme to the next. Let’s try to improve things steadily when we have the time. Let’s not crash and burn to rebuild, let’s use what we got now to make changes. We can do it, it just a matter of getting up our butts and get the work done. Businesses and the government is not going to do the work for us we need to do the work if we really want them to respect us and to do what they need to do to improve all of our lives. Let’s take civil responsibilities seriously. We are the ones that keep this country going. If we don’t step in and take control and undo wrongs and protect justice, why would businesses and the government do it? They will continue to do what they do best: get our money no matter what. We can do something so let’s do it.

1. I am aware of the tornadoes and fires that have been going on in the past few months around the country, but nothing really under the same banner as Katrina, Rita and other disasters in the past couple of years.

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