Go Green with New U. S. P. S. “Go Green” Postage Stamps

You know you’re supposed to Go Green, but are you embarrassed to admit you don’t know how do you do that? The United States Post Office can help. No, it’s not a high tech Green app for your high tech phone. It’s far more simple than that. On April 14, 2011 the USPS issued their first “Go Green” postage stamps. Each stamp in the series has a timely tip to help you do your part to save the planet.
The series was designed by Eli Noyes as part of the USPS “Go Green” Commitment to health and the environment.” The original concept was a set of 4 stamps illustrating big ideas like solar energy or wind power. The USPS ultimately decided to create 16 stamps with small Green steps anyone could take.

gogreen stamps

16 Stamps – 16 Tips

The stamp designs have a clean, uncluttered look. Each has a white background with cartoon style people illustrating the Green habit the stamp recommends. The artwork is mostly shades of green with hints of a few other colors. The slogan “USA GO GREEN” is printed in green letters along the upper left edge of each stamp. Each stamp contains one of 16 slogans printed in lower case letters.

Go to http://www.usps.com/green/gogreenstamps.htm to see animated versions of these 16 “Go Green” stamps.

1- “GO GREEN reduce our environmental footprint usa.. step by step”

The 16 stamp sheet has one single dark green stamp with this slogan.

2- “buy local produce. reuse bags”

Buy local and your produce doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your table. You help save energy. When you reuse your shopping bag, you save the energy it takes to produce new bags. When you don’t use plastic bags, you help save the environment from plastic trash that never goes away.

3- “fix water leaks”

When you fix your drippy faucet, you will save water, a precious natural resource.

4- “share rides”

The car poolers on this stamp are cutting back on individual automobile trips. This helps them save gasoline and auto wear and tear.

5- “turn off lights not in use”

Unnecessary lights are a waste of electrical energy. Turn them off like the little girl on this stamp

6- “choose to walk”

The walkers illustrated on this stamp are not only saving gas and vehicle wear and tear, they are also staying healthier.

7- “compost”

The guy in this stamp shows how simple it is to add your organic waste to a compost heap. You create great fertilizer for your garden instead of adding trash to a landfill.

8- “let nature do the work”

The photo of line-dried clothing on this stamp is a powerful hint. It suggests you avoid the dryer (and the energy drain) and let nature do the drying.

9- “recycle more”

Simple recycling keeps you from adding paper and plastic to your local landfill.

10- “ride a bike”

This is another reminder to save energy with alternate forms of transportation.

11- “plant a tree”

Planting a tree is a simple way to produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) from the environment.

12- “insulate the home”

Insulation helps keep the heat outside in the summer and the cold outside in the winter. That helps save on energy and utility expenses to heat and cool your home.

13- “use public transportation”

Parking your and taking the bus, train or streetcar is another way to save energy.

14- “use efficient light bulbs”

Energy efficient light bulbs use less energy and provide bright clean light.

15- “adjust the thermostat”

Turn down the thermostat in winter and put on a sweater. Turn it up in summer and let a little bare skin show. You’ll save energy and money.

16- “maintain tire pressure”

When your tires are properly inflated your car works more efficiently and saves gas.

Other USPS Green Ideas

USPS “Go Green” stamps are just one way the U.S. Postal Service is going Green. In addition to 75 major environmental awards, they’ve received “Cradle to Cradle” certification for their packaging. That designation was granted after their packaging products were assessed for “safety, reutilization potential and manufacturing sustainability.” The USPS is the first shipping company to receive this certification.

The U.S. Postal Service is the first federal agency to report greenhouse gas emissions to the public. They have also reduced “facility energy intensity” by 28% since 2003.

For more of U.S. Post Office’s green ideas, visit usps.com/green.

To download a Pdf copy of the USPS Sustainability Report, click here.


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