Make a Postage Stamp Picture Frame

stamp frameThis is a great craft that adults, teens or even kids will enjoy doing. A postage stamp picture frame looks very pretty, and it is a great project to use extra postage stamps, or postage stamps that you have collected.

This is a fun project to do if you have been to a foreign country and you have collected a bunch of stamps. This is also a great project for kids to do as a gift. This is picture frame craft that looks very pretty and it will turn out very nicely. One of the nice things about this project is that it is one that is not very expensive to make, and it can make a nice gift to give. So this is a great project for kids or teens to do to make as gifts.

If you don’t already have postage stamps collected – you can find them at some craft stores (you’ll find cancelled stamps, used stamps) because crafters use them for a variety of crafts. You can also find postage stamps at online auctions such as, and you can usually get a great price on them.

  1. For this project you will need:
  2. a wide rimmed picture frame, ideally a wooden picture frame
  3. postage stamps
  4. a foam brush
  5. decoupage glue, one type of glue I have used is called Modge Podge

Begin this project by laying out newspapers to protect the surface. Once this is done, take your picture frame and look at your stamps to see if you would like to arrange them in any type of pattern. You may want to arrange the stamps in a color type of a pattern, or by what is on the stamps.

Put a layer of glue on the frame and start putting postage stamps on the frame. This project goes very quickly. I think this project looks best when you put postage stamps all over the frame of the postage stamps. If some stamps are a little bigger, you may need to trim them down so they will fit on the frame. Once you have postage stamps covering the frame, put another layer of glue on the frame to seal the picture frame.

Let the picture frame dry for several hours. Postage stamps are delicate and thin, so they should not take very long to dry. Once it is dry, put your favorite photo in the frame and it is ready for gift giving!

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