Post Office Issues 3 Billion Statue of Liberty Stamps – Only It’s Not the Real Statue of Liberty

The Post Office apparently issued a stamp of the famed Statue of Liberty. Only it wasn’t of the real Statue of Liberty; rather it was of a replica statue that sits in front of a Las Vegas Casino. Three billion stamps were printed and it wasn’t until a stamp collector brought the error to the Post Office’s attention that the USPS realized it.

post office Mineola New York

A USPS spokesperson said that the picture was taken from Getty Images, which was titled Statue of Liberty. However, after further investigation, the keywords labeled with the Getty Images picture stated “replica of Statue of Liberty – Las Vegas.”

Again, oops!

The Post Office said they would not recall the stamps, which I would assume mailing your stamps back to the Post Office – which would be kind of funny, mailing stamps to get stamps back. How does that work?

Officials at Getty Images could not be reached. But a spokesperson for the casino thought the Post Office was honoring two great things about America on one stamp – the Statue of Liberty and Las Vegas. This marks the first time a casino ended up on a stamp.

My question is, wasn’t there an official site to grab a photo of the Statue of Liberty? Just another example of sticking it to the Post Office. Now it appears as if the stamp represents three things great about America – the Statue of Liberty, Las Vegas, and tax dollars at work.


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